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A Different Kind of Happiness  

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Freedom from the Incurable Addiction to Self

Dr. Larry CrabbAre you tempted beyond your power to resist?

There is no question that addictions soil our souls, eventually taking control of our lives. The energy and motivation needed to serve the cause of Christ gets badly short-changed. That's the bad news.

Here's the good news. Biblical Christianity provides a way to rise up from this quicksand: Waiting! Learning to eagerly wait for the Lord's return is essential to overcoming the root demand beneath all addictions. But the choice to wait is easy to state but hard to make because arranging for a temporary and counterfeit experience quiets the demand of our tired and thirsty souls.

While there is no path to walk that eliminates the struggle to resist temptation we can be moving into greater freedom from it every day. As we learn to wait eagerly for heaven when all our longings will be fully and forever satisfied, we will be inclined to live for one central reason: to make this life work as we want it to. Two things will then happen:

One, we will find ourselves driven by self-centeredness, by an addictive concern for our own felt well-being;

Two, whatever either numbs our discontent with things as they are or provides a convincing sense of satisfaction for our deeply felt longings will lead us toward addictions of any available variety, all fueled by a core addiction to self. Waiting for heaven to provide everything our souls yearn for, demanding nothing now, frees us to love well now, to delight God and to be there for others, requiring nothing in return.

The result? Joy! The satisfaction of living and loving like Jesus.

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