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SoulCare Experience Curriculum

SoulCare Experience Curriculum

Dr. Larry CrabbThe SoulCare Experience based on the book SoulTalk by Dr. Larry Crabb, is exploding with insights into Spiritual Formation, and the real battle in the human soul. This 12-lesson DVD course offers a practical model for understanding how God changes us from self-obsessed to God-obsessed people, and how in our relationships we can cooperate with this process. Click here to order or for more information.

Study Guide

The SoulCare Experience Group or Individual Study Guide—based on Larry Crabb's book SoulTalk—is available through our NewWay Ministries E-store. Includes 12 lesson on 2 DVDs.

The SoulCare Experience Resource Kit

The SoulCare Experience DVD Curriculum—is available through our NewWay Ministries E-Store. This kit includes the 12-lessons on 2 DVD's, a promotional DVD, brochures, posters, and both a facilitator's guide and study guide.

SoulTalk (Paperback Book)

SoulTalk—the book that started it all—is available through our NewWay Ministries E-Store.



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